Welcome to Arabian Echo Miniatures!

Arabian horse are one of Gods most perfect creations. For centuries their dished faces, expressive eyes, archy necks, charismatic personality, flagging tails, and high stepping trots have captivated man.

Arabian Echo Miniatures is dedicated to bringing the exquisite confirmation, passion, and movement of the Arabian to the miniature horse. Our goal is to produce horses that look, move, and act like their full sized Arabian counterparts.

Our horse are bred for Athletic ability and excel in both Halter and driving.  We offer miniature horses that will be both long time loving companions and win for you in the show ring.

To do this we have chosen outstanding horses that represent some of the top bloodlines in the Miniature Horse industry. These bloodlines include: Showdeo Kid, Rock E, The Seth Thomas Collection, and the lovely Arabian type Arenosa horses. Most of our horses are either double or triple registered AMHA  AMHR  or ASPC.  Take a look around, we think you'll be impressed!
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